Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sex Toys for Beginners Part 3: The Size and Shape of It

Once you've got the vibrator sorted out, a dildo is the next logical step. These come in all sorts of variations - different sizes, shapes, textures, some that vibrate, have flashing lights, pearls or ball bearings - whatever takes your fancy. I recommend starting with something that isn't too complicated, like this one:

Some of the benefits of this one are that it's easy to clean and take care of (it's silicone so you can boil it or clean it in a bleach solution - more info on this coming in Part 7), doesn't run out of batteries, can be taken safely in the tub, and it even has a cavity that fits a vibrating bullet if you want some vibrations to go with it. Because this is silicone it gets warm pretty quickly and once it's warm, it'll stay that way for awhile.

Tip: If you hate the feel of a cold dildo, run it under warm water for a minute or so before playing so that it's body temperature.

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