Sex is something we all have in common. Having it, wanting it, deciding not to have it, wishing we could get it - in some way or another, it's a part of all our lives. Because it's one of the common elements of being human, it's a fascinating topic through which to view the world, and one that never gets boring.

Unfortunately, at least in many cultures, it's also a topic that's a bit taboo, that many people have trouble discussing openly. We often have questions we don't know how to ask (or who to ask) or curiosities about what is "normal" and what goes on behind closed doors.

Because of the taboos surrounding it, it's easy to be uninformed, misinformed or feel like we're missing out on something. This blog is a space to explore some of these unspoken, unanswered questions. Hopefully it'll have something of interest for most people, and serve as a starting point for exploring informative (and accurate) resources on the topic.

I'd love to hear from you if you have serious questions, comments, recommendations or suggestions - but please be respectful! Any comments that are rude, lewd or otherwise offensive will not be published.

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Disclaimer: Bear in mind I'm a self-taught, aspiring sexpert, not a doctor or psychologist. I have an avid interest, and information shared on this blog is researched to the best of my ability, however it should never take the place of medical advice, and if you're having a serious problem - physical or psychological - please talk to a pro! 

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