Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Week of Sex: January 13-19, 2013

Since sex is such a vast and intriguing topic, a lot is said about it on the WWW every week. Even a randy girl like me has a hard time keeping up, though I do give it my best shot.

So I'm introducing a new series called "A Week of Sex," which is basically a round-up of the stories, articles and other random sex-related stuff that most appealed to me over the last week.  It'll all be stuff I found interesting but either don't have time to delve into, or was covered perfectly well by the original source. So here you go, go click your little brains out!
 Particularly popular in Japan, a new fad is arising for people nearing death - or just afraid of it happening unexpectedly - to create an "end note," which is an informal (i.e. not legally binding) document stating your wishes when you die. When the inevitable occurs, a professional called a "Keeper" (no, nothing to do with Harry Potter) comes in and gets rid of all the embarrassing stuff on your hard drive and in your house - everything from porn to evidence of an affair or illegitimate child to ladies' intimates. This way it's easier - and a lot less awkward - for family members to go through the rest of their loved one's belongings. And you really do get to take your secrets to the grave. Hmmm. Maybe I should look into that.
Apparently Canada Post mistakenly sent out flyers advertising Adam & Eve sex toys - featuring full frontal Bree Olson. Bree tweeted about the mistake, claiming it was nothing to do with her. And if you live in the Halifax area, check your mailbox, you may have a nice surprise!
New app 'Snapchat' allows users to flagrante images that are set to permanently delete after a few seconds so they leave no embarrassing traces in the ether. Or do they?   
I feel like this article is a few years behind the curve (or maybe I was just ahead of it?) but still, it's good to see women's sexuality - as consumers rather than objects - get fair play. Though I really wish they'd stop going on about 50 Shades of fucking Grey like we don't have better things to do with our sexy time.
Or should we say Cumming? The idea is porn that you can interact with - like a Wii game - so that you can really feel like you're part of the action. That might actually be enough to get me into video games.
A new app called 'MedXSafe' allows users to 'bump' their iPhones to exchange STD status, as verified by their doctor at their most recent clinic visit. Of course nothing's foolproof, but it's still a fantastic idea.
Did you know that sex clubs are legal in Toronto? Or that 'body houses' (i.e. brothels) are soon to be legalized? Or that 60% confess to having sex in public? Bet you want to move to T-Dot now, huh? (I can't find the whole survey - if I do, I'll update with a link. If you know where to find it, share, share, share!)
Apparently when deciding on a "happily ever after" partner, lots of women go for getting along over getting it on. Say what?
Everything from circumcision to homosexuality cures to stopping prostitution - find out about some of the biggest sex-related conspiracies in history.
So that's why everyone's crazy about Zumba!
I'm pretty sure it's not the naughty list that curbs porn watching on Christmas - it's the house full of in-laws. 

That's the week of sex. Hopefully you were entertained, titillated - and learned a thing or two! Read, watch or hear something fascinating this week? Share in the comments!

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