Saturday, January 12, 2013

James Franco's New Project Is Pretty Knotty

You gotta love James Franco. Not only did he rock it in drag on the cover of Candy Magazine (the first transgender style magazine) two years ago, which confirmed me as a lifelong fan, but he is in the process of directing a movie about (completely NSFW, btw) - an adult bondage porn site.

Apparently the project was inspired by Franco's own forrays into on-camera sex with a girlfriend. When they later watched the tape, he discovered what many of us have - that having hot sex on camera isn't as easy as the pros make it look. It's awkward, the angles are tricky, and it can be pretty unforgiving of any minor physical defect. Not that Franco has any of those, of course.

So he decided to make a proper movie about pornography - with the help of none other than bondage porn star and native, Princess Donna Dolore.

Apparently the film is called Public Sex, Private Lives (according to Wikipedia's page on PDD, but I can't find the title of it anywhere else or any reference to its title in credible news sources). 

Franco said about the project: "I'm making a documentary about pornography. There's this amazing facility in San Francisco. It's at this old armory and they do everything in house, they build their props in house, so I'm making a documentary about that." (source)

Trust Franco to not only decide to do a movie about a porn site - but to choose a kinky one! Love.

**Update: The film is actually called Kink (though feel free to check out Public Sex, Private Lives - it looks interesting too!) and if you want to see the trailer and hear a little interview with James Franco and the film's director, click here.

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