Monday, January 28, 2013

A Week of Sex: January 20-27

This was a big week. I tried for two days to narrow this down, and I have finally given up. On the plus side, there should be something of interest to pretty much everyone here - even if cartoon-spoof porn is your thing. No, I'm not joking. 
As if there weren't already 50,000 reasons to love Susie Bright - now the sexpert is donating her archives (she's been writing about sexuality and feminist issues since the 1970s) to Cornell University. The archives 'document the “historical shifts in the social construction of sexuality, with a focus on U.S. lesbian and gay history and the politics of pornography.”' If you don't know who Susie Bright is, go introduce yourself to her work immediately. 
Ever wonder what goes through the minds of sex workers while they're dancing/stripping/etc.? Take a peek.
And if you ever wondered if the lofty heels of the dominatrix were the perfect fit for your dainty tootsies, here's a primer.
Because of the nature of sex work, sex workers not only work outside the law in a private, often secluded and uncontrolled environment, but are socially stigmatized. This is a bit like a Bermuda triangle of risk, making them targets for all sorts of abuse and violence if they're not careful and lucky. UBC students are proposing a pilot program to provide 100 sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown East Side (DTES) with panic buttons with GPS that only activate when triggered, thus removing the "big brother" concern associated with similar devices.
Spoiler alert: No.
Another perspective on porn deals with what today's hypersexualized culture (sexting, slut-shaming, porn - even advertising and mainstream media) is doing to children growing up with it. 
Yeah, you read that right. An orgy that enables students to explore an "adult playground," including public nudity and sex, is not only being tolerated but being backed by the University. I totally picked the wrong post-secondary institution.
I'm all for a good parody. Some of my favourite pornos are parodies. But is XXXing Spongebob taking it just a little far?
It's nice to see a lady admitting to loving having sex with her partner this much. It tugs at the heartstrings. Really. I may have even said "Aw."
I'm so proud of Sundance this year. Also really wishing I coulda been there.
A wee interview about a little film called Kink (that I talked about in this post) and the trailer for the film itself. Best quote? "If pornography was high school, we would be the goth table."
  • The War of the Jameses
Turns out two of my favourite Jameses - James Franco, blockbuster star turned porn aficionado, and James Deen, porn star turned The Canyons leading man - want to bring the now legendary character from 50 Shades of Grey, Christian Grey, to life on the big screen. I'd watch either of them so I'm having trouble picking sides. I like to picture them mud wrestling for the honours - but that might just be me.

Phew. Toldya. And with that I'm dragging my exhausted ass to bed. Hope my hard work gave you some entertainment!

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