Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sex Toys for Beginners Part 5: Toys for Boys 1

Toys aren't just for chicks. (I'm not talking about teddy bears here, but guys, if you just need something to cuddle, we won't judge.) There are plenty of toys for men out there - and some that are awesome for both men and women.

Like with women's toys, I suggest that you spend some time perusing the internet, looking at what different toy stores have, and see what types of toys are available. Research is always the first step.

The number one sex accessory I recommend for guys isn't actually a toy. It's lube. There are lots of different types out there - different consistencies and even some that warm up. If you're playing alone or with a partner, finding the right lube is an important first step.

Once you've got your favourite lube picked out, you can try a penis sleeve. Probably the most infamous is the Fleshlight, but there are all sorts of different shapes and sizes. They're usually made of silicone and have some sort of texture for extra stimulation. The Fleshlight actually adds suction into the mix, which is part of why it's the best-known of its class. For more info on sleeves, click here, and to peruse a selection, here.

Now, go have fun with that, and I'll be back next week with some more fun tips for the fellas!

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